At Authentic Culture Ministries our mission is simple: to help women on their journey to Jesus in an authentic way, true to themselves. After spending time serving in church ministry, our founder, Markeisha Tonoi with the help of the Holy Spirit, crafted this program to help women who want to grow in their faith and seek Christ, but are not sure where to begin. Growing in faith, such as, reading the Bible can be confusing, overwhelming and complicated. We hope our bible studies, study guides, sermons and much more will aid in our mission to help woman understand, personalize and simplify their walk with Christ.

Here at Authentic Culture Ministries we do not think money should be the reason for people not knowing Christ and our in the process of becoming a 501(c)3, a non-profit organization. Therefore, instead of offering our sought-after programs for a cost, we are supported by donations only.

Your donation(s) to Authentic Culture Ministries will help fund our current programs, support future programs and aid in our operational costs.



Authentic Culture is solely run on donations and subscriptions. Authentic Culture's passion to create programs and products to help the world learn about God in uncomplicated ways. Any funds donated to Authentic Culture are handled in an honorable way and used for the operating expenses to develop, produce, and create virtual studies and other learning material.

If you would like to bless our founder Markeisha Tonoi, individually, please click the link below to sow a blessing.

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