Are you a Pastor or Small Group leader or Faith based school?

I'd be honored to speak to your women!

I've taught 100's of girls how to discover their Identity in Christ & I'd love to do the same for your community.

I created a step-by-step guide to show women exactly how God feels about them, directs them to their purpose, and in return teaches them how to go after every dream He placed in their heart.  I show women how to achieve the above without the confusion and overwhelm, in return women will become more confident in chasing after God to find your true identity.


  • Walk in purpose, finally know exactly why they were placed on this earth?

  • Stop playing small and start winning BIG. Go after the things they need and want in life without fear of failing?

  • Finally love themselves unconditionally, the way God loves them, flaws and all?

  • Leave religion and find a relationship with God in order to understand God is love and truly wants the best for you

  • Stop caring what others think of you because you are confident in the things God told you to go after so you can stop second guessing yourself?

  • Finally know your worth and stop struggling with low self esteem and poor self confidence of yourself, and discover the real you?

  • Become free from shame and strongholds from past relationships or "situationships" to move on in life to bigger and better without looking back?

  • Gain confidence and see yourself the way God sees you, know how amazing you are and actually feel it?

  • Become that bold woman God created you to be, not settling at "no" but finding a better way of getting "it"

 If you’re looking to know the Creator (God) more in depth and intently to deepen your faith in order to understand and know His creation (you) to go after the things specific for you, you’ve come to the right place.



  • You actually believed you're worthy and you're worth it, whatever "it" is.

  • You knew just how loved you are and someday you'll meet someone who will appreciate you the way God does. 

  • You grasped that you're enough, and you don't need to change for the right one.

  • You created a life so bold, confident and unapologetic it makes others want what you have.​

  • Because you were so confident you finally left that toxic relationship because you know God has someone better for you

  • You're so strong in your walk with God you no longer afraid of being alone because you know you had Jesus no matter what

  • You knew how beautiful you are, not because culture told you but because God your creator showed you

  • You took Matthew 7:7 literally and started asking for what you needed and wanted

  • You finally got the nerve to ask for that raise, or better yet, start the business you've been dreaming of?

  • You understood you deserve more and started to dream, dream big without limiting beliefs or fear of failing.

  • You finally put yourself out there without the fear of failure because your confidence in you

  • Ephesians 3:20 wasn’t just a Bible verse but a reality for your life

Want to make this a reality?

L.O.V.E. Bootcamp was created to help you achieve all of this

L.O.V.E. Bootcamp is your action plan to create the life of freedom to become that woman Christ created you to be, Bold Unapologetic.


It’s a private 10-week 1:1 Coaching Program dedicated to women who want to stop living confused about God because of religion, stop listening to the lies of the enemy and start cultivating a relationship with Christ in order to walk in the freedom Christ created for them. I teach you a comprehensive framework that will help you master all things relationship with Jesus, self worth, and identity in Christ.

This program is formulated for the woman who wants to grow their relationship with Christ to fully understand their true identity!  In 10 weeks, we will develop an understanding of God so you will no longer be confused by religion again, uncover what God has planned for you in order to find and walk in your purpose, finally defeat the fears haunting you from your past, discover Whose you are to fully understand there’s beauty in your uniqueness, create covenant with Christ so you won’t get caught in manipulating situations and become that bright light Christ created you to be.

This Bootcamp is for you if:

  • You struggle with negative self talk, always wishing you could be different

  • You are constantly comparing yourself to other women

  • You’re constantly hopping into relationship after relationship because you don’t want to be alone

  • You desire to become sexually pure

  • You struggle with guilt and shame past relationships

  • You’re not sure what Gods plan for your life is

  • Finally, you enter into a relationship with Christ

  • You’re ready to walk boldly in who God created you to be

If this describes you, then L.OV.E. Bootcamp is the perfect solution for you!


In the L.O.V.E. Bootcamp we dive straight in with an in depth video course to create or renew your relationship with Christ. Weekly we will cover specific steps to deepen your faith and understanding of Him. This will last 3 weeks, Following the video course, the remaining  7 weeks we will review customized action steps pertaining to your particular struggles, fears and faults.You’ll have access to me Mon-Sat via text and email. 10 weekly videos via zoom.


Each week we will break down and uncover the acronym for L.O.V.E

Learn to accept yourself for who you are

- We are all made differently, but perfectly in God's eye. I help you combat satan's lies with God's truth.

Overcome fears and obstacles

- The enemy's plan is to steal, kill and destroy. He wants to keep you bound and weighed down. I alongside the Holy Spirit, will help you overcome all the enemy's plans he meant for evil and turn it for good.

-Vow to honor yourself (and God)

I will help you to resist the temptations of the enemy and his plans. I will help guide you to resources to remain true to yourself and pure.

-Embrace your own beauty, empower the next

 I come alongside you to help you discover your uniqueness. This is your calling card. This is your fingerprint and no one else has this quality but you.

I also share with you how to "pay it forward" and return the favor. Help the next generation of women who may need your "you"


  • You've joined free FB groups in the past that were more informational than accountability and action driven.

  • You are tired of living in your current state of mind, you are ready to take back control of your life.

  • You need someone that holds your hand through this whole identity in Christ thing and is there for you 24/7 to guide you on this Jesus journey.

  • You’re local church doesn’t teach you in a relatable way, rather religiously and it’s difficult to understand and put into practice.

  •  You don't want a coach that demands from you but guides you, supports you, and keeps it 100% with you! 

  • You’ve been to a self love or life coach but they teach new age manifestation and other woo woo culture that doesn’t line up with God’s doctrine.

  • You want someone who is Spirit led, hears from God and doesn’t teach astray, no matter what

  • You aren’t comfortable divulging your deepest innermost past in a group setting for fear of judgement.

  • You want a coach who has literally been in your shoes and is a walking testimony to the work God has done in their life


  • Discover the bold, confident and unapologetic girl God placed in you.

  • Cultivate an intimate relationship with Christ

  • ​Create a standard and stick to it in choosing relationships because you know God has His best for you

  • Understand that because you have Jesus you’re never alone in return you won’t ever settle for anything less in relationships again

  • Know and understand that you are set apart, which makes you uniquely beautiful

  • No longer compare yourself to anyone else

  • Walk free in the choices you make, not caring about the worlds standards and customs.

  • Understand that God wants you to live life in abundance.

  • Unravel the purpose for your life.

  •  Start dreaming big, in color, with actionable goals.

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of your identity, and how it ties into knowing Christ.



Growing up I didn't love myself. I wasn't the pretty girl or the skinny girl. I had acne and glasses and don't even get me started on my hair. I was told I was too black by the guys who wanted lighter skinned girls and I wasn't black enough by my friend’s standards. I was somewhere stuck in the middle. In my head I was lost. I didn't fit in and it showed. I was shy and awkward and others took that as me being "stuck up". I went on to seek validation from men and bad friendships because I desperately wanted to fit in to a world God had me set apart from. Once I realized my uniqueness was a gift from God and not a curse, I embraced it well. After years of looking for my identity in the world (other creations), I finally sought out my identity in God (my Creator). That’s when the game changed.

If you’re ready to finally become the women Christ created you to be in 10 weeks...



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