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Markeisha Tonoi is Founder of Authentic Culture, a Digital Girl Gang created to help empower women though Christ. She’s also an Identity Coach where she teaches women how to build authentic relationships with Christ in order to find their identity in Christ. As a former slave to satan and his lies, Markeisha is all too familiar with the traps he lays for most women. This is why this calling is so important to her, because she truly believes women are so powerful but the lies that satan placed on women long ago, has captured and bound women. Markeisha’s mission is help women break off their strongholds and bondages. “Once you understand Whose you are, you’re able to confidently do the things God set you up to do”.

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Find your identity in the Word, or you'll search for it in the world

I'm available for

  • Conferences

  • Bible Studies

  • Retreats

  • Sunday School

Signature Topics

1. Christ vs Culture 

Today we live in a world where culture goes head to head with Christ. This sermons share the contrast of believing in the word vs the world.

2. Comparison

Comparison is the thief of joy and a lie from hell. I provide truths to combat the lies Saran wants God's daughters to believe.

3. Relationships

Most do not understand Christianity because they don't understand Who God is. I teach relationship and debunk the religious spirit.

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