Markeisha Tonoi

Christian Identity Speaker
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About Me

Markeisha Tonoi is reinventing the notion of  Self Love by teaching women that true self love begins and ends with Christ. Knowing who God calls you and seeing yourself the way He created you is the foundation of Identity and the truest form of self love. Coining the phrase “Christ vs Culture” Markeisha boldly and unapologetically uses her platform to reveal every counterfeit idea that doesn’t line up with Christ. Markeisha passionately teaches women what it means to be an authentic Christian in this modern, world pleasing culture.

Whether through her remarkable Identity Cards or 1:1 coaching, it only takes a few minutes of connecting with her to understand she genuinely cares and wants everyone to seek Him. Because Markeisha considers herself a regular “everyday kinda girl” she has a unique way of reaching women where they’re at. Markeisha’s goal in life is to live out Matthew 28:19 “Go make disciples”. At the end of the day she wants to reach women who are struggling in life to cultivate a meaningful relationship with Christ.

Markeisha recalls: Growing up I didn't love myself. I wasn't the pretty girl, I was either too skinny or not skinny enough or too dark for the guys who wanted lighter skinned girls. This is where the compromise began. I not only allowed but sought approval from men. After years of searching for meaningless validation and happiness, it finally clicked, God alone is my contentment.

Markeisha has been single and abstinent for 7 years and although many view singleness as a curse, she views this as a blessing. Markeisha has redefined something most deem dreadful, she has taken “the wait” and turned it into her best season yet. Understanding many women struggle during this period the most, Markeisha has dedicated her life to coaching women in their “in between time”. She teaches single women how to be single and satisfied.

In 2018 Markeisha launched Authentic Culture, a ministry that focuses teaching women their identity in Christ in order to walk in their calling and live in His fullness. In 2021 God called her to quit her full time career to focus solely on ministry full time. To learn more about ways that you can get involved with Authentic Culture click here

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Markeisha was my mentor in 2019 and she showed me what true self love was. She shared her heart and told me what God saw in me when I didn't see it myself